Bylaws: Congregational Council

“But speaking the truth in love, we must grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ, from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by every ligament with which it is equipped, as each part is working properly, promotes the body’s growth in building itself up in love.” (Ephesians 4:15-16)


The Congregational Council leads the congregation in fulfilling the Statement of Purpose in accordance with the Mission Statement and Vision of the Congregation. The Congregational Council seeks to be guided by the Holy Spirit and informed by the Scriptures. The Congregational Council has responsibility for the overall planning, coordination, evaluation, and advancement of the church’s ministries. The Congregational Council lifts up the vision for the church, challenges the Leadership Teams, coordinates decisions, moderates disagreements, and is the final authority on all matters outside congregational meetings. It is the policy making body of the church and shall transact such business that the laws of the State of Ohio may vest with the Congregational Council as its designated Board of Directors. All acts and deliberations of the Congregational Council are subject to the will of and revision by the Congregation.

Membership & Structure

  1. Begin and close every meeting with prayer, devotion and study as determined by Council at the onset of each new year.
  2. Require any member who will be absent to contact the Moderator(s) as soon as possible prior to meetings and events. At the discretion of the Congregational Council members will be counted as present if they attend via live, 2-way, audio and/or video.
  3. Designate each Council member’s area of responsibility as deemed within the Constitution. Member / liaisons shall attend Team and other assigned sub-team or committee meetings on a regular basis.
  4. Members shall advocate for their assigned Teams and act as the primary communicators for their Teams to the Congregational Council.
  5. Establish a Council Communications Committee whose task shall be to promote awareness, education, and inter-communication throughout the organizational structure and within the wider congregation. The Committee shall set policies and procedures to be included in those of the Congregational Council.
  6. All meetings are open to all members of the congregation unless decided by unanimous vote of the Council.

Responsibilities & Duties

  1. Set long and short term goals to further the avowed purpose of the church as set forth in Article II of the Constitution and make provisions to implement these goals.
  2. Establish and review church policy.
  3. Require biennial policy and procedure reviews and require copies of the same to be filed in the Church Office with the Office Manager.
  4. Review for approval all appointments.
  5. Review for endorsement the proposed annual Operating and Benevolence Budgets and forward these to the Congregation for final approval at the Annual Meeting.
  6. Review for endorsement the selling, buying or transferring of any real property as recommended by the Finance Team a minimum of 60 days prior to the proposal’s presentation to the Congregation for final approval.
  7. Review for endorsement the initial leasing of all real property as recommended by the Finance Team.
  8. Review for endorsement the leasing of equipment as recommended by the Finance Team if such leasing exceeds the current budget of the Finance Team.
  9. Review for endorsement the creation of any new and on-going fund for which donations would be solicited and/or whose monies shall be invested separately from the general funds of the church.
  10. Review for endorsement the reallocation of funds within the church as recommended by the Finance Team. In the event that the Congregational Council does not approve the recommendation of the Finance Team, the Congregational Council will refer the proposal back to the Finance Team for reconsideration.
  11. Review for endorsement the borrowing of funds from external sources as recommended by the Finance Team, before the proposal is presented to the Congregation for final approval.
  12. Review for endorsement the use and expenditure of all ‘undesignated special gifts and bequests’ beyond those received by the Memorial Gifts Team as recommended by the Finance Team. In the event that the Congregational Council does not approve the recommendation of the Finance Team, the Congregational Council will refer the proposal back to the Finance Team for reconsideration.
  13. Review for endorsement the hiring and dismissal of all staff.
  14. Review recommendations from a Search Team for the hiring of all new ministerial staff per Constitutional Article VII, Sec. 6 making its recommendation to the congregation.
  15. Establish the date, time and place of the Annual Meeting.
  16. Create teams, committees and positions (both ad-hoc and on-going), as deemed necessary to further the purposes of the church. These shall serve under the Congregational Council with appropriate Council liaison(s) as determined by Council.
  17. Review annually the faithful work of members to select a recipient of the Tom Evans Servant Award.