Bylaws: Justice and Witness (Purpose Focused Leadership Team)

“What does the Lord require of you but to do justice and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God?” Micah 6:8


The Justice and Witness Purpose Focused Leadership Team seeks to build within the congregation biblical and theological understanding and dialogue skills for addressing issues of justice and peace in our community, nation and the world.  The Team in its education efforts initiates, encourages, coordinates, facilitates and oversees ministries that relate to justice and peace.

Membership & Structure

  1. The Justice and Witness Team shall begin and close every meeting with prayer, devotion and study as determined by the Team at the onset of each new year.
  2. The Team shall number no less that five (5), nor more than seven (7).   The Pastor(s), the Council representative and the Moderators (3) shall be ex-officio members of the Team.  Friends of the Team shall be welcome to participate, but shall have no voting privileges.
  3. The Team members shall be nominated and confirmed at the Annual Meeting of the Congregation.  Vacancies of the Team may be filled by the Congregational Council.  The Team is encouraged to give names of future Team Members to the Time and Talent leadership Team.
  4. Meet monthly, but not less than six (6) times a year.  Meeting times and locations will be set by the Team.
  5. At its first meeting after the Annual Meeting the Team shall select a recorder who will keep minutes to be filed with the church office.
  6. Decisions shall be resolved by consensus or if necessary, majority rule of the total Team membership, not just those attending.  Official business shall be transacted only when a quorum of more than 50% of the members is present.
  7. Any member who will be absent must contact the Team leader as soon as possible prior to meetings and events.
  8. The Team shall elect one or two members responsible for communication of all minutes, activities, events, ministry opportunities and special needs to all Purpose and Resource Teams, the Congregational Council, and the church membership every month. Such communication may be in multiple formats: Medina UCC website, emails, Messenger, bulletin boards and posters, special brochures, and worship announcements.
  9. All meetings are open to all members of the congregation unless decided by unanimous vote of the Team.

Responsibilities & Duties

  1. Provide forums, events and resources for the congregation to learn and discuss in a safe environment issues of justice and peace that impact our community, nation and the world.
  2. Examine the procedures and practices of the congregation in light of their impact on the environment, the community and persons who are oppressed or disenfranchised, and advocate for more just ways if necessary.
  3. Set guidelines and procedures for approving and overseeing congregational groups that wish to advocate publicly for change in our community, nation or world (e.g. Can Do…TBI).
  4. Develop programs that support those persons whose lives are touched by the criminal justice system, including police officers, judges and prosecutors, victims, the incarcerated and their families (e.g. Chain-Breaking Faith).
  5. Establish proper guidelines and processes for the congregation to speak out on relevant social issues.
  6. Communicate to the congregation and educate them concerning relevant justice pronouncements of the United Church of Christ and its related bodies.