Bylaws: Mission (Purpose Focused Leadership Team)

“I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you gave me clothing, sick and you took care of me, in prison and you visited me.” (Matthew 25: 35-36)


The purpose of the Mission Team is to serve the church by encouraging, developing and coordinating an effective and comprehensive program of mission and community outreach, being sensitive to both physical and social needs.  The Team will develop, within the church, an awareness of the extension of the Kingdom of God.

Membership & Structure

  1. The Mission Team shall begin and close every meeting with prayer, devotion and study as determined by the Team at the onset of each new year.
  2. The Team shall number no less than five (5), no more than ten (10).   The Pastor(s), the Council representative and the Moderators (3) shall be ex-officio members of the Team.  Friends of the Team shall be welcome to participate, but shall have no voting privileges.
  3. The Team shall meet monthly, but not less that six (6) times a year.  The time and location of the meetings are to be determined at the first annual meeting.
  4. The Team shall select a Facilitator or shall develop a plan of shared leadership that shall function for Team as a leader. The Team shall select a recorder who will keep minutes to be filed with the church office.
  5. Decisions shall be resolved by consensus, or if necessary, majority rule of the total Team membership, not just those attending. Official business shall be transacted only when a quorum of more than 50% of the members is present.
  6. The Team shall elect one or two members responsible for communication of all minutes, activities, events, ministry opportunities and special needs to all Purpose and Resource Teams, the Congregational Council, and the church membership every month. Such communication may be in multiple formats: Medina UCC website, emails, Messenger, bulletin boards and posters, special brochures, and worship announcements.
  7. All meetings are open to all members of the congregation unless decided by unanimous
    vote of the Team.

Responsibilities & Duties

  1. Develop, coordinate and administer a comprehensive missions program for the church, focusing on the community, the nation, and the world, by designing and communicating an expanding vision of missions.  This includes setting specific and measurable goals to implement mission effort.
  2. Coordinate a mission education program for the overall congregation and for identifiable groups such as adult education, teens, circles, children, etc.
  3. The Team shall teach the congregation a Biblical understanding of world missions and encourage involvement through prayer, correspondence, friendship and financial support.
  4. The Team will stimulate members to seek God’s will in terms of their direct involvement in the mission endeavors of the church.
  5. The Team shall record decisions and projects to be maintained in records, minutes and communicated to the congregation.
  6. Regularly evaluate and monitor mission efforts and mission projects sponsored by the church.
  7. Develop and administer the mission and outreach budget (Benevolence), including implementing and recommending a policy of giving.  This includes determining the distribution of funds by percentage or by dollars, allowing for flexibility as needs arise.
  8. Administer and promote projects, both physical and financial, that support OCWM, and other denominational funds as presented (Blanket Sunday, One Great Hour of Sharing, Neighbors in Need, Christmas Fund, Strengthen the Church, etc.).
  9. Collaborate with other appropriate Teams, officers and leaders to carry out the mission and outreach ministry of the church.  The Team shall create committees from the larger church, as deemed necessary, to carry out its assigned purposes.
  10. Provide leadership, publicity, support and recruitment for the Adult Work Camp, Biloxi Mission, and Zion UCC involvement, and newly identified projects as they may be identified.
  11. Represent the church by serving on appropriate denomination committees and community organizations that further mission, partnering with effort and finances.
  12. Seek new mission and outreach opportunities.