Bylaws: Staffing (Resource Focused Leadership Team)

“The gifts he gave were that some would be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry.” (Ephesians 4:11-12)


The Staffing Leadership Team shall perform the function of a Human Resource entity for the Church.  The Team’s task is to determine the terms and conditions of employment for the paid staff.  The team is responsible for recommending staffing and personnel issues, including staff job descriptions, reviews, salary recommendations, personnel guidelines, discipline, hiring + termination guidelines/processes, volunteer help and other items relating to staff development and relations.

Membership & Structure

  1. The Staffing Team shall begin and close every meeting with prayer, devotion and study as determined by the Team at the onset of each new year.
  2. The Staffing Leadership Team (the Team) shall consist of three (3) past Moderators, selected from previous serving Moderators. The term of office shall be three years, with the option of renewal for a second term, with a maximum of six (6) years.  The current Moderator, who is not a member of the Team, shall have the discretion to appoint or not appoint representation of two (2) members of the congregation to serve on the Team for a one-year term.  These appointments are not required.  The two members appointed by the Moderators are not past Moderators, but represent the congregation at large. The appointment is subject to Council approval and shall be in collaboration with current Team members.
  3. The Team shall meet not less that six (6) times a year.  Times and locations to be determined. Any member who will be absent must contact the Team leader as soon as possible prior to meetings and events.
  4. The Team shall select a Facilitator or shall develop a plan of shared leadership that shall function for the Team as Leader.  The Team shall select a Recorder, who will keep minutes filed with the church office.
  5. The Team quorum shall be more than fifty percent (50%) of the membership of the total Team.  Decisions shall be resolved by consensus. Official business shall be transacted only when a quorum of more than 50% of the members is present.
  6. The Team shall elect one or two members responsible for communication of all minutes, activities, events, ministry opportunities and special needs to all Purpose and Resource Teams, the Congregational Council, and the church membership every month. Such communication may be in multiple formats: Medina UCC website, emails, Messenger, bulletin boards and posters, special brochures, and worship announcements.All meetings are open to all members of the congregation unless decided by unanimous vote of the Team.

Responsibilities & Duties

  1. The Team shall be responsible for maintaining accurate records of discussions and decisions reached by the Team.  A portable file of data is considered confidential, and such requires discretion.
  2. The Team shall develop, maintain, and edit the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual, dated 2006.  Copy of such is available from the church secretary.  The Manual shall be updated not less that every four (4) years.
  3. The Team shall assure that church positions are adequately staffed.  Should a vacancy occur, the Team shall meet to resolve how to respond.  The Team shall re-evaluate each vacancy and re-construct it, alter and re-interpret the position, as the functioning needs of the church change.  The Team shall have the authority to recommend the establishment of new positions or the elimination of positions as needed, with approval by Council.
  4. The Team shall evaluate the job performance of the paid staff.  The Team has the authority to assign new duties to employees only after a bona fide need for that duty has been established and discussed with the staff member, the Pastor(s) and Council.
  5. The Team shall develop and update the job descriptions (dated 2007) no less often than every 4 years.
  6. The Team shall provide one (1) annual job performance evaluation of paid staff each year, preferably in the late fall, prior to budget preparation time.  This review is to be a written and oral review, with records maintained in the file.
  7. The Team shall recommend compensation/benefit terms for the paid staff.  The Team shall recommend to the Finance Team and Council changes to the compensation/benefit terms as needed.
  8. The Team shall have representation on any future Search Committee or Task Force should the need arise for the calling of ordained staff.
  9. The Team shall implement a process to handle employee grievances, acknowledging that dissatisfaction and discipline issues need to be handled with extreme care and Christ-like mercy.  The Team shall assure that all disciplinary action is fully documented.  All discipline shall be incremental.  No sidebar discussions on the part of the employee, the Team or the Pastor(s) will be binding during the disciplinary procedure.  Only disciplinary discussions and decisions occurring at a duly and sanctioned meeting of the Team shall be valid.
  10. The Team shall supervise the Church Volunteers, while delegating to the salaried church staff the function of supervising volunteers on the job.   Such volunteers are not to handle sensitive or confidential data.  Should a disagreement arise, the Team, in consultation with the paid staff, shall have the ultimate decision as to the resolution of issues surrounding volunteers.
  11. The Team shall collaborate with other Leadership Teams, officers and leaders to carry out the mission of the church.  The Team shall create committees, as deemed necessary, to act as a fact-gathering entity as needed, and such committees shall report to the Team the results of their efforts.
  12. The Team, as an agent of the Council, shall be held harmless for any claims made against the Team members, or among the Team members, of discrimination, defamation of character, partisanship, negligence, malicious intent or behavior, slander, libel or malfeasance while reaching their decisions, excluding violations of local, state or federal law that may occur.