Bylaws: Worship (Purpose Focused Leadership Team)

“O come, let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the Lord our maker.” (Psalm 95: 6)


The Worship Team plans, initiates, coordinates, facilitates and oversees the worship and music ministries within the United Church of Christ, Congregational and encourages participation with other congregations in our community.

Membership & Structure

  1. The Worship Team shall begin and close every meeting with prayer, devotion and study as determined by the Team at the onset of each new year.
  2. The composition of the committee will include 7 members consisting of 2 representatives from each of the 3 worship services (Chapel, Sanctuary and Gathering), and one person to represent music.  Ex-officio members will include the Council liaison, the moderators and a pastor.
  3. The Team chair and recorder will be selected by the Team members at their first meeting.  The recorder will file minutes with the church office.
  4. The Team shall elect one or two members responsible for communication of all minutes, activities, events, ministry opportunities and special needs to all Purpose and Resource Teams, the Congregational Council, and the church membership every month. Such communication may be in multiple formats: Medina UCC website, emails, Messenger, bulletin boards and posters, special brochures, and worship announcements.
  5. Meetings will be held monthly and will be open to all who wish to attend.  Only Team members will have a vote on issues brought before the Team.
  6. Any member who will be absent must contact the Team leader as soon as possible prior to meetings and events.
  7. All meetings are open to all members of the congregation unless decided by unanimous vote of the Team.

Responsibilities & Duties

  1. Plan and coordinate Sunday morning worship services of the church (including Chapel, Gathering, Sanctuary and Joyous Messenger Ministry services) that praise God and minister to the worship desires and needs of our congregation and community.
  2. Oversee and support those persons and groups who assist in the worship experience on Sunday morning.  Such groups include but are not limited to: lay readers, ushers, communion preparers and servers, acolytes, flowers, altar, banner-makers, sound system personnel.
    Plan periodic Sunday morning services that unite the entire congregation in a single Sunday morning service (e.g. Alive on the Square, Youth Sunday).
  3. Plan and develop worship services to celebrate the special seasons of the church.  These include, but are not limited to, Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunrise.
  4. Plan and encourage worship services and experiences that will minister to the congregation at particular times in the life of the church.  These may include Services of Remembrance, Healing services, Lenten or Advent services, and Community-wide services.
  5. Oversee and support the celebration of the sacraments, baptism and Lord’s Supper.
  6. Work with the Director of Music, Organist and other music personnel in planning and encouraging the music ministry for all worship services of the church.
  7. Oversee the musical groups within the church including Chancel Choir, Bell Choir, Gathering Band.
  8. Encourage and recruit persons to use musical gifts in the worship and service of God.
  9. Oversee the upkeep and maintenance of the musical instruments (organ, pianos, and other) of the church.
  10. Assist the Director of Music in maintaining the music library.
  11. Oversee, support and encourage participation in the Joyous Messenger Ministry of the church.