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Spring is hypothetically here, although as I write this the snow is coming down on this Tuesday morning following Easter. We’ve closed the books on the Good Enough series, where we learned how to set the bar a little lower and give ourselves permission to rest. We’ve asked God for guidance in fixing the things… Read More »

Holy Week 2022

Hey my Good Enough Friends, With Holy Week soon upon us, our Encounter Group will not be meeting as regularly. The final days before we break for the summer will be April 11 & 25, and then May 2, 9 & 16. It has been a really fun encountering you and our discussion around the… Read More »

Upcoming Lenten Series 2022

Ash Wednesday kicks off this series March 2, 2022 at 7 p.m. live and livestreamed. We will also have 25 copies of the devotional “Good Enough” by Kate Bowler and Jessica Richie. We live in a culture bent on definitions of a good life as continuous upward mobility–climbing ladders of prosperity with increasingly fabulous experiences… Read More »

On being co-creators

This past Monday and Tuesday, I co-led a clergy retreat at Bellwether Farm. It was an amazing time The purpose of the retreat was to remind and rekindle a sense of call. I was reminded of my call. I’m on a mission to re-humanize the church. The church is not the structure, the budget, the… Read More »

Q&A: Final Three

Three questions to close out our Summer Q&A series. I’m so thankful for all the questions. If you would like this series to continue, please let me know and email/message me your questions! Our first question is, “Do you believe the people in heaven can see us here on earth?” I don’t know. The bible… Read More »