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March 2020 Pastor’s Corner

Happy March, Church! We’ll be in Lent soon! The lectionary for Lent offers many images of where love, grace, forgiveness, righteousness, healing can really be found. And it’s not in the “usual places.” We often look for love in the wrong places that only offer a temporary satisfaction. Let is a wonderful time to re-assess… Read More »

February Pastors Corner

Dear Church! What a warm winter we’ve had. I think it’s due to all the activities we’ve been doing! Game night was a huge success! Financial Peace University is going strong. And we’ve gathered to throw some gutter balls at our Lousy Bowling League. Our friends from Costa Rica are sending their love (and sweat)… Read More »

Pastor’s Corner for January 2020

Happy New Year Church! Please be advised of our winter weather policy. Level 1: Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads are also icy. Drive very cautiously. **Scheduled Boards, Committees, Groups: Check with chairperson, leader or Facilitator of Group. **Worship Services: Will be held. Level 2: Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting… Read More »

October 2019 Pastors Corner

Hey Church! My holy month is October. October where the trees catch fire and neighbors pass out candy and my blood type is pumpkin spice. I love it! There’s a lot coming up for us. We have spent time around the table in our worship series Come to the Table. We will celebrate the fact… Read More »

August 2019 Pastor’s Corner

Hey Church! I will start writing monthly messages here to talk about upcoming events. A space to sing the praises of your good deeds, tell tales of our communal life together, and maybe even find some wisdom. August has had some exciting meetings! This past school year, I ran a Dungeons and Dragons game over… Read More »

D&D Ministry Update

In October, I started a new Dungeons and Dragons Ministry. Since then, it’s been quite the learning experience! I have gained a deeper understanding of our library, of our community, and of middle schoolers in general. I love it! The kids are unique and fantastic. There’s a core group of friends and we’ve picked up… Read More »

Online Giving

This stewardship season, we are rolling out a new way to give! In addition to giving through the offering plate and auto-withdrawal, we are adding online recurrent giving! Recurrent giving gives you more control and transparency of your pledge. Here’s how to do it.     How to Pledge/Give to the Church Navigate to… Read More »

Yes, And…

Here is something I’m irrationally excited about! It’s a new ministry I’m embarking on. It’s a Dungeons and Dragons Ministry. Here’s how this came about… I recently had a meeting with two school representatives. They know we work with the local elementary in providing food to families. They know we work with the library in… Read More »