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Triple Q&A

This week, I don’t have super lengthy answers to these questions. Here they are in no particular order: Do pets go to Heaven? Would it be heaven without our pets? For me, no it would not be heaven without my pets there. I take comfort in that answer and I hope it’s true. See how… Read More »

Q&A: Atheists

Today’s question: How do you deal with an atheist in your family?  By listening and loving them. We’re called to love God and our neighbor as ourself. Almost every atheist I’ve met are incredibly committed to the “love neighbor” part. My mom recently shared a post on Facebook. I’m still thinking about it. It is… Read More »

Q&A: Evolution

Today’s question: “How does creation and evolution work together? I believe in science but I love the creation story.” I love science and the creation story, too! You’re playing to my strengths. First let’s define a term. Evolution is the theory that things change over time. That’s not a definition, that’s THE definition. If you… Read More »

Summer Q&A: The King Question

Today’s question: Why can’t wall all just get along? Rodney King asked that question after he was beaten bloody. It is the question for the ages. There is a Christian Doctrine for this, and it’s one that has a lot of baggage and it has been misused over the years. It’s one I hesitate to… Read More »

Q&A: A Closer Walk With Thee

This week’s question is a great one! “Why Don’t I feel close to God even though I pray and read?” Praying and reading are two places I often find God. There is another side to examine in our walk of faith. In seminary, I learned of the “horizontal and vertical relationships.” Praying, reading, daily devotionals,… Read More »

God’s Plan?

This week’s question is: How to balance our desire to continuously improve, fulfilling our ambitions, etc. with an understanding and embrace of what God’s ultimate plan is for our life? You don’t do small questions do you, church? I’ve heard a similar question from two different places. One from a concerned father asking this same… Read More »

Summer Questions and Answers

I loved the Rev. Harry Buch’s Q&A Sunday. I’ll take this space to answer a few questions he didn’t get to each week. The first question that really struck me was “How do we deal with all the hatred and anger in the world?” I talked in last Sunday’s sermon about “Crappy Teenager Luke” (You… Read More »