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That’s the one about the whale, right? We just finished up our basic series. We started by exploring our image of God. Images are important. The Bible uses a lot of images for God. If we only approach scripture with our favorite image, say the one from the Sistine Chapel of the bearded guy, then… Read More »

Table Top: A story of work and rest

Have I mentioned how much I love living in Medina? I love being your pastor and exploring your town that’s quickly becoming mine. Yet moving is not without it’s difficulties. We are still figuring out where things go, what color to paint the walls, and buying some new furniture to fit our new space. Some… Read More »

Three Things

I have been doing “Three Things” for a few years. I learned this process from The Rev. Mike Slaughter, a United Methodist Pastor at Ginghamsburg UMC down in the Dayton-area. The thinking behind the three things is this: aside from my normal duties of preaching, teaching, visiting, marrying and burying, I will set three goals for… Read More »