D&D Ministry Update

D&D Ministry Update

In October, I started a new Dungeons and Dragons Ministry. Since then, it’s been quite the learning experience! I have gained a deeper understanding of our library, of our community, and of middle schoolers in general. I love it!

The kids are unique and fantastic. There’s a core group of friends and we’ve picked up a few occasional players. We normally have 5-8 a week. The players are picking up the mechanics of the game and have really made the world their own. Here are a few short stories to give you the flavor of what’s happening…

-One player gave me a schematic of a weapon he would like to make. I was very impressed with his artistic skills as well as his engineering schematic.

-One student expressed how hopeless they feel and felt great that I expressed a trust and belief in them.

-Three regulars say they are trying to behave better with their parents so that they don’t get grounded and have to miss out on a Thursday.

-Once, I told a group to figure out this problem they were having setting up their characters. “We don’t know how to do this,” they said.

“You’re smart, you’ll figure it out. Just check out the section in the book,” I replied.

“What did you say?” they asked, shocked.

“You’ll figure it out… or…?”

“Before that.”

“You’re smart?” I asked.

“Yeah… we are?!”

Yes. They are. These young men and women are amazing. They are teaching me patience, how to adjust my plans, how to not get too wrapped up in results, and to enjoy the ride. It has been a lovely time and I want to thank the Medina Library for giving the space and the books to this endeavor. To Claggett Middle School for dropping the event in the right ears. To the church for trying out this non-traditional method of ministry. And especially to the youth. They are excellent. One more story and I’m out…

At the beginning, one opinionated player was eating a PB&J and asked what I did and I told them. They then stated, “You’re not going to try to do any weird Christian thing on me, are you?”

“Well… that PB&J sandwich you’re eating… That’s a weird Christian thing my church is already doing. Jesus said to feed the hungry, so we provide the snacks here. I figured I’d show up and get to know those whom we’re feeding, so just by me being here I’m doing that weird Christian thing of hanging out with people and telling a stories.”

“Huh…” they said, pondering all this. They then perked up and pointed to their PB&J, “Needs more jelly!”

Here’s to more “weird Christian things” with this incredible group of smart and witty youth!


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