Beatitudes Go To The Movies! Worship Series

Beatitudes Go To The Movies! Worship Series

Every Sunday until August 1
8:00 pm

Jesus gave us some blockbuster teachings. They’ve been a hit ever since they came out.

The worship team has missed going to the theatre, so we’ll decorate the building like a movie theatre! They have chosen eight films – from classics to recent award-winners – to gain a better understanding of each of the eight blessings imparted by Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel.

We’ll explore the Beatitude concepts through popular movies. We’ll even gather and watch a few at our pergola (or Fellowship Hall if the weather is bad) at 9 p.m.

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Movie and Sermon Schedule is as follows:

Date Beatitude Sermon/Movie  Showing for next week’s sermon Streaming
June 13 Blessed are the poor in spirit Back to the Future Showing 6/13 “UP” Netflix
June 20 Blessed are those who mourn Up Showing 6/20 “Sandlot” Disney+
June 27 Blessed are the meek Sandlot Hulu
July 4 Blessed are the those who hunger for righteousness To Kill a Mockingbird $3.99 Prime/Youtube
July 11 Blessed are the merciful Just Mercy $9.99 Prime/Vudu
July 18 Blessed are the pure in heart Forrest Gump Showing  7/18 “Brave” $2.99 Youtube/Prime
July 25 Blessed are the peacemakers Brave Showing 7/25 “Hidden Figures” Disney+
August 1 Blessed are those who are persecuted Hidden Figures Disney+, Hulu, Sling TV