January 24th, 2021

Embracing neighbors in the aftermath

Have you ever been through a big storm? The kind where you’re glued
to the weather channel, getting that terrifying text alert or hearing
community sirens as you strategize the safest place in your house?
Families in western Ohio experienced that gripping fear when 15
tornadoes touched down overnight. And after the tornadoes finally let
up, neighbors stepped out to a world that was broken. The destruction
left a traumatic mark; even now, many families haven’t been able to
move back into their homes.
But they aren’t alone, and they aren’t forgotten. Your gift to CWS
Blankets today proves it, as did the gifts of thousands like you last year.
With those gifts, members of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Dayton, OH
were able to immediately embrace their neighbors. In a matter of days,
they were distributing blankets and supplies to those who lost everything.
It signaled to a hurting community that someone cared about them.
That Christ’s love comforts and heals. That we find light together in
our darkest times.
Will you give generously to CWS Blankets today to set that in motion
for future needs? You’ll signal your love to families who are desperate
for a healing embrace.

In 2019, congregational gifts provided over 118,000 CWS Blankets and
Kits to families impacted by hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and other
crises (including homelessness and poverty). Here’s what your gift
today could mean in 2020:
one blanket
Gives blankets
to an entire family
Stocks shelves in a shelter with
blankets before wintry lows hit
Forgot to bring cash or a checkbook? You can make an online donation
– complete with a receipt for your records – at
Your gift supports two types of CWS Blankets:

Families also share that they use blankets:
• As insulated padding if they have to sleep on hard, cold surfaces
• As room dividers if they’re staying in shelters and need a moment of privacy
• As bags to carry supplies if they must move from place to place
Thank you for embracing your neighbors in many different ways
through your gift today!