Every Sunday until April 2
9:00 am - 10:00 am

This Sunday, January 8th, will be a lot of music from the Gathering Band before we do a holy experiment. I think we have a great opportunity to lean into a new format and embrace the roots of our service. 20 years ago, folks yearning for a different way to worship embarked with great care and consideration. They found a new format with new music. A new style. It is time to innovate once again.

Dan Marty, Pastor Luke, our mission and youth pastor Meghan, and our seminary intern Ryan all met and have developed a simple worship pattern. We’ll start with a word. Then go from there.

This worship is extremely interactive and conversational. It will have music and prayer and scripture. We’ll end with communion and then ask you, “So what?” We talked about this word and had a conversation, and so what are we going to do now? If you would like the words in advance, we can talk about where they came from and why we want to discuss them, but that’ll wait until Sunday.

We’ll develop this together over the course of the next three months. The band will practice and spend time building their chemistry and repertoire. We’ll have a break from setting up tables and communion and power point. We may discover we don’t need those. Or that we do, but in a different way. Or that we liked the way we’ve been doing it, and we’ve found a new energy to carry out the task.

Liturgy means “The work of the people.” As Dan put it, “This is like a work-ship. A worship that you have to work to build.” I really like that. I thought of Harry’s woodwork with our beautiful, handcrafted table and I put together a draft logo. It’s not permanent, but playful. I hope you don’t mind.

We’ll talk more on Sunday, and we’ll build this together. For now, I just hope that we can trust one another in this journey. I’m here to answer any questions.


Yours in Christ,