Wednesday Lenten Journaling Series – Zoom Call

Wednesday Lenten Journaling Series – Zoom Call

Every Wednesday until March 31
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Lenten Journals –  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! 

We have partnered with a new local Medina business called My Sunday. My Sunday was founded during the pandemic out of one woman’s desire to find peace and draw closer to God. When I read on their website that “the most important prompt of the whole week is the one called ‘This week I will try and live the message by’ for church does not just start and end on Sunday alone.” This line reminds me of our visioning song, “More than church on Sunday.”

We’ll have a Zoom call each Wednesday during Lent where we will read the upcoming scripture. We’ll reflect together in community on the scripture. On Sunday, we’ll receive the sermon. Then we’ll respond as a community by putting our faith into action in some way. The journals will help us in this process.

I will give these journals away during our Drive-by Ashes on Ash Wednesday. They will then be in the New Library at church for everyone to pick up. We have 100 of these on order and it will be given first come, first serve.

We hope they will aid you and be an additional tool to provide a solitary place for you to pray and to find the Beloved Community of God within and among us all this Lenten Season.