January 2022 Pastor’s Corner

January 2022 Pastor’s Corner

I’ll structure this in our Herrmann Brain Dominance (from our Project Worship Series) as a reminder and as a way to cover all the ways of communication. Here we go!

More Light and TruthYELLOW (Idea/why): The idea of this season is: More Light and Truth. We’ll talk about the importance of the bible. We’ll do a little Christian midrash to explore our sacred stories in a fresh way.

 GREEN (Process/when): We’ll honor our 3/4th grade bible class starting which we did last Sunday, 1/9. We’ll hand out kindergarten bibles this Sunday, 1/16. We’ll start our Encounter Series which will be Mondays at 1 and 7 p.m. (we will have 1/17

Encounters, but not on 1/24 as I will be leading a clergy retreat).  We will end the series with the BIG BIBLE BUY! This will be your chance to purchase a pew bible and dedicate to someone. More details will follow.

 BLUE (Data/Goals): The goal is to spark interest in the Bible and each other. The Encounter series has three goals:

  1. To talk with people in real time.
  2. To watch ANIMATE: The Bible videos and do #1 with them.
  3. Read the Bible in a way that is accessible for beginners and scholars alike.

The goal for the BIG BIBLE BUY will be to replace our pew bibles which are falling apart.

RED (People): We’ll be better together as we’ll rediscover the joy of talking with one another. We’ll rediscover our sacred stories and know that we’re not alone. In this hard time, others have been here before and have gotten through tougher times than the ones we face. It’s only hard for us right now, because we are in need of reminding that God is with us. Christ has pioneered and perfected this walk. And the Spirit guides us, even now. When two or three are gathered, the Triune God is in our midst and love has the final word. Not our anxiety around COVID. Not the fear-mongering from the news. Not even our own latest opinion. LOVE. Love is the goal.

My dear church, we got this. We’ll continue to meet. We’re going on two years of this stupid pandemic and we know how to meet safely. Let’s follow the guidance of our brothers and sisters on the reopening team, continue to mask and social distance. For those still on the live stream, continue to reach out and offer your gift of your presence in the way you feel comfortable.

I’m here for you and I know you’re here for me.

Yours in Christ,

-Pastor Luke

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