Our Mission

“Welcoming, Loving, Serving,
Where God has No Limits"

Connecting God’s Love to God’s People

  • To make God’s Love Real & Relevant
  • The messages we share are relevant to Today’s world
  • Based on Actions & Experiences

Uniting in Diversity; One in Christ

  • Our diverse worship styles – yet we all share a Common bond in Christ
  • The makeup of our congregation – variety of socioeconomic backgrounds
  • All walks of life are welcome
  • “Extravagant welcome”

Engaging God’s Word for Inspiration

  • Scriptures shared for today’s world
  • Engaging / Active Bible Messages (not be read to)
  • Life-changing
  • Thought-provoking

Building Total Family Ministry

  • All ages / Stages of life
  • Whatever family you have – you are part of ONE family here.
  • Personal relationships & friendships
  • Youth – seeing them as part of your own family, watching families grow
  • All fit in & are part of one family.

Serving from the Square for over 200 years

  • Proud of our History & location on the square
  • Serving – our community (near and far) through mission works

“More than Church on Sunday”

  • Engaging people 7 days a week
  • Providing many opportunities to be involved other than just on Sunday mornings
  • Acknowledge people’s schedules, commitments, time & talents – Serving more than just on Sunday mornings