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True Worship

August 21, 2022

When reading scripture, we often picture ourselves as the hero in every story. We’re Peter, but never Judas. We’re the Samaritan, never the guy in the ditch. We’re Jesus, healing… never the woman unable to stand up straight. We’re definitely not the religious leaders complaining that Jesus healed someone at a worship service… you know… ON THE SABBATH… which you just don’t do.


August 14, 2022

The God we get in Christ is one that wants our agency. Jesus tells us all these parables to wake us up and get us thinking. Jesus’ first words are, “Repent and believe the kingdom of God has come near.” The word for repent is less, “sinner change your cheating ways” and more, “think differently after this experience.” We have to think. We have to choose to live in the way of Christ