Pastor’s Blog

Fall 2022

Dear Church! This fall we have a lot of great things lined up! The Worship Team wanted to explore what it means to be a Christian Community. That’s the over-arching theme this fall as we explore ​various aspects of ​our Christian Community ​including it’s purpose, implications and our own roles and obligations Our first exploration will be called Beautiful Together. Being… Read More »


Spring is hypothetically here, although as I write this the snow is coming down on this Tuesday morning following Easter. We’ve closed the books on the Good Enough series, where we learned how to set the bar a little lower and give ourselves permission to rest. We’ve asked God for guidance in fixing the things… Read More »

D&D Ministry Update

In October, I started a new Dungeons and Dragons Ministry. Since then, it’s been quite the learning experience! I have gained a deeper understanding of our library, of our community, and of middle schoolers in general. I love it! The kids are unique and fantastic. There’s a core group of friends and we’ve picked up… Read More »