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Q&A: Final Three

Three questions to close out our Summer Q&A series. I’m so thankful for all the questions. If you would like this series to continue, please let me know and email/message me your questions! Our first question is, “Do you believe the people in heaven can see us here on earth?” I don’t know. The bible… Read More »

Q&A: Abrahamic Faiths

The Summer Q&A has one more article after this. Here’s this week’s two related questions: How could three such different religions as Judaism, Christianity and Islam come from one Abrahamic Tradition? And I got an English translation of the Koran at a yard sale. I was surprised how much is shared with Christians. Your thoughts?… Read More »

Q&A: Left out of the Bible

I love this question and the person who asked it should go to seminary! When was the Bible organized into Old Testament and New Testament? Was anything left out?  The earliest compilation of texts resembling the Christian Scriptures was the Muratorian Canon around 200 C.E. But it wasn’t until the 5th century that various Christian… Read More »

Q&A: Baptism

This week’s question is “Talk about Baptism as so many young parents are not getting their children baptized.” This question seems appropriate following two baptisms that we have had recently. Baptism is one of our two sacraments. John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the River Jordan. While the term baptism is not found in Jewish… Read More »

Q&A: Relief

Here’s a heavy question that I’m thankful for you asking, church. Is it wrong to pray to God to ask for relief for a loved one that is and has been suffering from many health issues? It is never wrong to pray. Nor is any subject taboo. I’ve prayed for healing. I’ve prayed for a… Read More »


Tackling two questions this week. Our first is one that is on all of our minds: Why would God allow a pandemic? I am more on the free-will side. I don’t think God “allows” things, it’s our choice. Historically, we’ve seen all sorts of pandemics. It’s a harsh world out there. I don’t know why… Read More »

Q&A Goes to Heaven

Do you believe that all people who believe in their own God will go to heaven? Interesting phrasing of the question. First, I want to be clear that God is the judge and I am not. Saying who is making it into heaven and who isn’t is well beyond my paygrade and anyone else who… Read More »

Triple Q&A

This week, I don’t have super lengthy answers to these questions. Here they are in no particular order: Do pets go to Heaven? Would it be heaven without our pets? For me, no it would not be heaven without my pets there. I take comfort in that answer and I hope it’s true. See how… Read More »

Q&A: Atheists

Today’s question: How do you deal with an atheist in your family?  By listening and loving them. We’re called to love God and our neighbor as ourself. Almost every atheist I’ve met are incredibly committed to the “love neighbor” part. My mom recently shared a post on Facebook. I’m still thinking about it. It is… Read More »

Q&A: Evolution

Today’s question: “How does creation and evolution work together? I believe in science but I love the creation story.” I love science and the creation story, too! You’re playing to my strengths. First let’s define a term. Evolution is the theory that things change over time. That’s not a definition, that’s THE definition. If you… Read More »